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Information about Commercial Trucking

Have you or someone you love been injured in a commercial truck accident? You may have been unaware of the large presence that commercial trucks have on our highways and roads, but are now interested in learning more about this huge industry. According to the American Trucking Association, the U.S. trucking industry is comprised of over 282,485 private carriers and more than 227,930 for-hire carriers. Over 3.39 million truck drivers are employed in our country, and each driver makes an average daily haul of nearly 500 miles. Over the course of a year, this adds up to an average of 100,000 to 110,000 miles driven.

The primary reason why our country needs commercial trucks is to haul goods from one place to another. In fact, 68.8% of the transported goods in the United States travel by truck. This means that truck drivers log an enormous amount of hours every year in order to reach their quotas. Commercial Class 8 trucks logged 128.4 billion miles in 2007, the equivalent of taking 136,301 cross-country trips every day.

About Truck Drivers

The typical truck driver gets paid by the mile, which means that he or she has to log as many miles as possible in order to receive a good paycheck. In order to become a trucker, a person has to be 18 years of age and has to obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Anyone who wants to drive commercial trucks cross country must be 21 years of age. Unfortunately because of age discrimination, most trucking companies will not hire anyone who is under 23 years of age.

Most trucks are now equipped with satellite systems that enable trucking companies to track the truck's location. Instead of using a cell phone to communicate job orders, the trucking company can now use the satellite to send over a message about where the truck driver should go and when to be there.

About 18-Wheelers

The legal weight for an 18-wheeler is 80,000 pounds, unless the trucking company has obtained oversize or overweight permits. When one considers that the average passenger vehicle weighs only 5,000 pounds, it is easy to see why the occupants of the passenger vehicle are usually the ones who suffer injury in a truck accident. Eighteen wheelers range in length depending on the type of cab that they are carrying, but the overall average is 70-80 feet long.

It takes up to 40% longer for an 18-wheeler to come to a stop than for an automobile. This number can be higher or lower depending on the condition of the road, the weight of the road, the length of the trailer and other factors. It is now common for commercial trucks to be equipped with anti-lock brakes, which is a vital safety measure in bad weather conditions.

The term "bobtailing" is used to describe when a truck is driving without the trailer attached. This can be very dangerous, especially when the roads are wet. Professional drivers must be trained on how to driver bobtail trucks safely.

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